About MegaCiv Advance Advisor

This is a mobile web application intended to help players of Mega Civilization track their credits and choose civilization advances to purchase during the game.

As a pure web application, it can be run on a desktop or laptop or on a tablet or phone. Players have used it on iPhones, iPads and Android phones. I don't seem to know anyone who admits to owning a Windows phone, but in theory, it should work on that, too.

All processing and data stays on the device, it makes no use of the network once the application is loaded. (When you restart the app, it may look to the server to check for a new version.) It saves data about what you've purchased, your accumulated credits, and your current sorting and filtering criteria locally on your device. This data is never transmitted anywhere, and if you tap the big red "Delete everything!" button, it's gone.

You can access the app through your device's web browser (Safari and Chrome tested) and/or install it to your home screen as an app.

There is a Users' Guide for the application. It was available to testers during development, but none of them chose to use it. Some of the first group of players to use this app did consult the guide.

Last modified: Sat Mar 17 13:02:44 CDT 2018